Do you work on fixed term projects as a contractor?
Perhaps you supply, or engage directly with, contingent workers?

If so, you should be talking to IF Workforce Group

Our Services

UK Based Contractor

We work with UK based contractors, providing a reliable service, an intuitive online platform and a transparent charging structure. Find out more
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International Contractor

We work with contractors, helping to achieve their optimal financial position and mitigating the risk a ‘permanent establishment’ in the host country. Find out more
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We work with Recruiters to protect client relationships and industry reputation so they can focus on placing candidates effectively.
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We work with employers, investors and MSP’s to provide immigration infrastructure and payroll administration. Find out more

Reasons to Engage our Services

Mitigate Financial

We manage all regulatory, immigration and fiscal matters, ensuring workforce compliance for globally mobile businesses, agencies and international contractors. We create a risk-free environment around the contract chain, protecting industry reputation and providing complete peace of mind for your contingent workforce. Our protocol eliminates the risk of worker misclassification, delivers immigration and payroll infrastructure, sponsors work visas, provides HR support and employee contracts and protects you from financial penalty for non-compliance.

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Improve Staff Retention

Our engagement at every level of the contract chain ensures that contractors are managed effectively and good talent remains within your business. By mobilising placements quickly and optimising earning potential, trust and client loyalty are installed within your contingent workforce. Where appropriate, we explore opportunities for contract extension or redeployment of talent within your organisation, reducing workforce change, whilst improving compliance.

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Increase Global Mobilisation

With our local knowledge and global structure, we can open new markets for your business at zero cost. These opportunities for global mobilisation may otherwise have been missed because of the lack of resource and knowledge available within your organisation. This ability to do business applies throughout the contract chain, opening new doors for contractors, recruiters and employers alike. We have the flexibility and experience to quickly develop solutions in ‘new’ countries, enabling clients to increase their global footprint without the need to invest or incorporate locally.

IF Workforce Group

We work within the international contracting sector to simplify international payroll, mitigate financial risk and ensure workforce compliance.


IF Workforce Group are the only tax planning and payroll company to work across the entire contract chain, from the freelancer, to the agency, to the employer, mitigating risk of financial penalty throughout. This unique position allows us to leverage operational opportunities and economic efficiencies at every level to deliver the very best solution to our client.

About Us

IF Workforce is a global employment and payroll company, providing specialist services in workforce compliance for an international contingent workforce. Our role is to provide a risk-free environment around this contract chain to ensure all applicable regulatory, immigration and fiscal matters connected are taken care of.

We are the only payroll, tax and workforce compliance company to work across all sectors of the contract chain from the international freelancer, to the recruitment agency to the employer. This unique position allows us to leverage operational and economic efficiencies at every level to deliver the very best solution to our client.

After 3 years of successfully delivering workforce solutions to internationally mobile contractors in over 20 countries, the IF Workforce Group have upscaled and invested into the Republic of Ireland. Employers have always benefitted from the protection we provide the workforce chain but our growth into Ireland means they can witness this directly.

For over 50 years, Ireland has been a natural incubator for High Performance Start Up’s (HPSU’s), providing growth in the domestic market so that, when ready, they will export their services worldwide. Concurrently, the high levels of foreign direct investment has identified Ireland as a marketplace that requires our services.

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