The IF Workforce Group is a global tax planning and payroll company, providing specialist services in workforce compliance for an international contingent workforce. Our role is to provide a risk-free environment around this contract chain to ensure all applicable regulatory, immigration and fiscal matters connected are taken care of.

We are the only payroll, tax and workforce compliance company to work across all sectors of the contract chain from the international freelancer, to the recruitment agency to the employer. This unique position allows us to leverage operational and economic efficiencies at every level to deliver the very best solution to our client.

 After 3 years of successfully delivering workforce solutions to internationally mobile contractors in over 20 countries, the IF Workforce Group are upscaling by investing into the Republic of Ireland.

For over 50 years, Ireland has been a natural incubator for SME’s, providing growth in the domestic market so that, when ready, they will export their services worldwide. Concurrently, the high levels of overseas investment from global corporates has identified Ireland as a marketplace that requires our services.

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Our Services

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We work with employers, investors and MSP’s to provide immigration infrastructure and payroll administration. Find out more
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We work with recruiters to protect client relationships and industry reputation so they can focus on placing candidates effectively. Find out more
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We work with international Freelance Contractors to facilitate projects and achieve an optimal financial position. Find out more

Our Solution

The IF Workforce Group is a market leader in providing payroll and immigration solutions for a contingent workforce. Our clients include HPSUs & Scale Ups, Investors, Managed Service Providers, Recruitment Agencies and Freelance Contractors working overseas.

Tailored To Your Remit

For HPSU’s/Scale-Ups, investors and managed service providers, acutely aware of contingent workforce risks, The IF Workforce Group act as the Employer of Record, providing immigration infrastructure and payroll administration. Our solution engineers a time efficient ‘soft landing’ as well as peace of mind for in country compliance for all employment regulation and fiscal responsibilities.

For Recruitment Agencies, our payroll and immigration solutions help protect your client relationship and your industry reputation. Recognised internationally for our industry expertise, more and more Agencies and International Staffing Agencies are choosing The IF Workforce Group as their preferred partner for workforce compliance.

For international Freelance Contractors, we facilitate your project from start to finish, maximising your earnings through optimal tax efficiency, together with some unique industry benefits.

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Meet the Team

The IF Workforce Group have more than 30 years combined experience in accountancy services to the contractor market place. Our global structure, knowledge and experience makes us best placed to offer the advice and assistance you need to get up and running quickly when entering new markets. With a worldwide team of trusted advisors within the fields of HR, employment and accountancy, we provide solutions to support all members of the project team.

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