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CCWP Accreditation status achieved by Ray Walker, Managing Director of IF Workforce Group

With unique legislation for the contractor sector and an exclusive set of rules governing best practices for a contingent workforce, it is fair to say that this is a specialist field.

We have seen too many examples of a ‘one-size fits’ all approach to advice in the industry. The recent exposure of Ryanair pilots to HMRC investigation following enforced structure directed by Ryanair’s recommended accountants is a prime example of the apathetic attitude towards the individuals concerned, on who the lack of attention to detail of the service provider impacts.

As pioneers of immigration infrastructure and payroll services for an overseas contingent workforce, IF Contracting take every opportunity to stay abreast of changes to legislation which affect the international freelance contractor market. Their due diligence approach ensures that overseas contractors not only benefit from their expertise but are protected from inadvertent non-compliance of regulations for tax and employment.

So when Ray Walker, Founder and Managing Director of IF Workforce Group, heard about the industry specific course for Certified Contingent Workforce Professionals, run by Staffing Industry Analysts and aimed at professional who manage corporate contingent staffing, Ray simply had to strive for this accreditation.

The CCWP Certification assesses and expands the level of expertise of participants to create an elite brand of CW programme management professionals. To become certified, Ray needed to demonstrate knowledge of contingent workforce management best practices by attending the course and passing a rigorous certification exam.

‘After attending the intense, but extremely well managed, Staffing Industry Analyst’s CCWP course last week, I am happy to have completed the exam and received confirmation of my new status as a Certified Contingent Workforce Professional.’

As the only course to teach and test industry specific contingent workforce program knowledge, the CCWP accreditation programme is an industry first and something that IF Contracting are delighted to showcase in their armoury.

International freelance professionals considering assignments abroad should seek out professional support services, which put their head above the parapet in terms of aligning themselves with their chosen market sector and demonstrate their capacity to stay current with relevant accreditations and similar certifications. Having successfully completed the CCWP Programme, IF Contracting offers a level of designation in the industry that only a few can call their own.

With solutions in more than 20 countries, IF Contracting are well-placed to help establish the best employment structure and maximise your earning potential for your new project. Please get in touch if you would like a free consultation.



Ray WalkerFounder and
Managing Director