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IF Workforce Group have a long-established history of working with agencies and contractors to facilitate mobilisation of an overseas contingent workforce. During this time the employers have been unwittingly benefiting from our involvement. It is a logical progression to now work with employers directly to deliver economic and time saving benefits for inception, together with peace of mind for workforce compliance.

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What we do

IF Workforce Solutions support High Performing Start Ups (HPSUs) and Scale-up Companies who are, or are planning to, engage a cross-border workforce.
We help plan the right deployment strategy for your needs, achieving rapid market entry and reduced investment costs.
Our bespoke workforce solutions simplify international payroll, mitigate financial risk and ensure compliance.

Global coverage

Our global coverage continues to expand as the demand for contract workers across the world increases. We have the flexibility and experience to quickly develop solutions in ‘new’ countries, enabling clients to increase their global footprint without the need to invest or incorporate locally.

Our Bespoke Solution

For Employers, Investors and Managed Service Providers, acutely aware of contingent workforce risks, IF Workforce Solutions act as the Employer of Record, providing immigration infrastructure and payroll administration. Our solution engineers a time efficient ‘soft landing’ as well as peace of mind for in country compliance for all employment regulation and fiscal responsibilities.

What Our Clients Think

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To learn more about the IF Workforce Group and how our team of tax experts can help you. Our service is fast, confidential and could open your eyes to a fresh approach to contractor taxation.

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