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IF Workforce Solutions specialises in providing payroll and immigration solutions for HPSU’s and Scale-ups utilising a contingent workforce when delivering overseas programs.

IF Workforce Group have a long-established history of working with agencies and contractors to facilitate mobilisation of an overseas contingent workforce. It is a logical progression to now work with employers directly to deliver economic and time saving benefits for inception, together with peace of mind for workforce compliance.

Our Employer Of Record solution is designed to meet your specific requirements, whilst complying with all host country laws and regulations. This not only protects you by mitigating the risk of non-compliance but facilitates rapid entry into a new country, whilst reducing costs of entry.

If you are a HPSU’s or Scale-ups, we can help you plan the right deployment strategy for your needs, opening up new markets, whilst removing the barriers of investment costs and time.

temporary solution

Transitional Solution

A Transitional Solution prior to establishing an entity.

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Long-term Solution

Long Term Solution

A long-term solution for employing staff in a foreign market.

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Holistic Solution

Holistic Solution

A holistic solution for global mobilisation.

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Reasons to Engage our Services

Financial Risk

We manage all regulatory, immigration and fiscal matters, ensuring workforce compliance for globally mobile businesses, agencies and international contractors. We create a risk-free environment around the contract chain, protecting industry reputation and providing complete peace of mind for your contingent workforce. Our protocol eliminates the risk of worker misclassification, delivers immigration and payroll infrastructure, sponsors work visas, provides HR support and employee contracts and protects you from financial penalty for non-compliance.

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Staff Retention

Our engagement at every level of the contract chain ensures that contractors are managed effectively and good talent remains within your business. By mobilising placements quickly and optimising earning potential, trust and client loyalty are installed within your contingent workforce. Where appropriate, we explore opportunities for contract extension or redeployment of talent within your organisation, reducing workforce change, whilst improving compliance.

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Global Mobilisation

With our local knowledge and global structure, we can open new markets for your business at zero cost. These opportunities for global mobilisation may otherwise have been missed because of the lack of resource and knowledge available within your organisation. This ability to do business applies throughout the contract chain, opening new doors for contractors, recruiters and employers alike. We have the flexibility and experience to quickly develop solutions in ‘new’ countries, enabling clients to increase their global footprint without the need to invest or incorporate locally.

The Global Expansion Dilemma

Companies planning rapid international expansion are faced with the dilemma of how to manage a contingent workforce abroad. If they decide to set up a subsidiary in the new country, the barriers to entry are many.

Firstly, there is the requirement of registering as a local entity to sponsor work permits and obtain a business licence from the immigration department. There may be obstacles to obtaining work permits and a risk of violating visa requirements, not to mention criminal penalties for companies attempting to circumvent immigration. The time and expense of setting up a local entity is prohibitive for many global enterprises and generally delays the start time for projects.

Once an entity is established there is the need to comply with local employment laws, which means seeking out and paying for a tax specialist with local knowledge.

Probably the most frequent pitfall for employers when registering staff is that of worker misclassification. Under IRS rules, what determines if a worker is an employee or an independent contractor? Ignorance is no defence and many employers fall in to the trap, resulting in unnecessary fines and financial penalties.

The ‘scope of work’ may change as projects progress, which means that the business licence and investment costs may need to be reviewed to reflect these changes.

Worker misclassification

Our Bespoke Workforce Solution

With workforce solutions in more than 20 countries, IF Workforce Solutions have the local knowledge and expertise to engineer rapid set-up and deployment of your contingent workforce. We can help you deliver on projects quickly, efficiently and compliantly with zero additional costs.

Our Services

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Payroll Solutions

We provide the immigration and payroll infrastructure creating a time efficient ‘soft landing’ for any country you are entering. IF Workforce Solutions manages the in-country payroll on your behalf, including all tax and social security deductions.
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Employer of Record

We become the Employer of Record, through our local ‘umbrella’ company. In doing so, we will assume the legal responsibility and administration for employment of staff in the host country.
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Work Permits

As the employer, IF Workforce Solutions sponsors work visas (if required) for the employees, facilitating rapid entry into the host country and reducing your initial investment costs.
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HR Support

We provide HR Support to ensure workers are registered correctly with all relevant authorities.
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Local Compliance

IF Workforce Solutions will provide employment contracts that are fully compliant with in-country employment regulations.
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Mitigate Risk

By managing the contingent workforce, we mitigate the risk of financial penalty from unfulfilled fiscal responsibility within the host country.

How It Works

IF Workforce Solutions will invoice you in advance of the payroll date with the total cost of employees (including employers statutory costs) plus a management fee. Staff receive their net salary, together with their payslip, direct from IF Workforce Solutions. Tax and social security contributions, deducted at source, are the responsibility of IF Workforce Solutions and paid to the local authority by us. Your company remains in control of the day to day management of its employees.

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