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IF Workforce Group – Brand Consolidation

IF Workforce Group – Brand Consolidation

From our modest beginnings in 2013, IF has propelled rapid expansion in to new territories to better support our growing client base. Our multi-national team enjoys over 50 years combined experience of managing cross-border workforce solutions. With offices in London, Dublin, Stockholm and soon Frankfurt, we are well-positioned to offer local knowledge and expertise to all levels of the contract chain. This sustained growth has taken us from a small independent to a global brand, with distinct business disciplines.

To reflect our group structure and to consolidate branding across all territories and business sectors, we have taken the decision to move forward with the singular brand of IF Workforce Group.

As a global brand, IF Workforce Group are accustomed to change. The more immediate impact of Brexit will govern a rethink to current methods of performing cross border business for the UK, Ireland and Germany. Not surprisingly, with the anticipated tariffs for UK trading, Irish companies are investigating how they can secure and nurture relationships with clients in mainland Europe to bolster business growth. The severed artery leaves UK companies and workers faced with uncertain conditions when exporting their services into the EU and, as outsiders, additional infrastructure and investment will almost certainly be a prerequisite to trading. In this restored landscape, Germany looks to be the leading location for UK based companies seeking a continued presence within the EU post-Brexit.

Forecasting the change of tide, IF Workforce Group are establishing their local German entity, with permanent and experienced staff. Our local presence will ensure that we can continue to support our Irish clients, helping to open new doors and develop business opportunities in Germany, as well as provide an infrastructure to UK companies and individuals looking to service EU clients. In addition, we hope that our on-the-ground support will encourage German companies and contractors, looking to deliver cross-border services within the EU, to seek our assistance.

IF Workforce Group is committed to the continued strengthening of its global infrastructure and knowledge pool for tax, immigration and payroll solutions to support a cross-border workforce. We hope that you will join us in celebrating our continued business success and look forward to welcoming new clients looking for a risk-free, cost neutral solution for entering new markets.


Ray WalkerFounder and
Managing Director