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IF Only Making a Career Move Was Always This Good

IF Only Making a Career Move Was Always This Good


It is unprofessional to unfavourably compare current and previous employers and I am grateful to JMK and all my previous employers for helping me to get where I am today. Like most people, I moved in search of a challenge and something to enhance my credentials and so far, I’m yet to be disappointed, working the ‘city’ life dream!


IF Workforce Group is a new entrant into the UK payroll market through the recent launch of our IF Payroll service. It has been great fun advising the team here on their rollout, pricing and marketing strategy. From experience, this is a world I know well, so it’s been fantastic to arrive really feeling I have something to offer. On the other hand, there are decades of payroll experience in the business here already, so I’ve been both learning and guiding at the same time. Taking the offering out to the market under a new brand has been a very interesting, yet exciting experience. The very pleasant surprise for me has been the warm welcome I have received and the willingness of agencies to at least listen to our proposition.


Looking back on it, I feel there has been two key factors at work here (apart from my awesome selling skills and irresistible personality of course!), they are the rapidly changing IR35 landscape and the reputation that IF Workforce Group has already built up, primarily through its IF Contracting business. Agencies have taken notice of the financial penalties that non-compliance with IR35 could bring upon them. They are seeking out compliant, transparent and preferably accredited providers and IF’s alignment with the FCSA is certainly helping us in that regard.


IF Contracting’s history and reputation in the International market has been the real bonus for me and it was probably the deciding factor in making the move. On the one hand it has helped open so many doors for me to promote our UK Payroll solution whilst, on the other hand, and more importantly, it has given me a whole new world to explore, that of International Tax & Payroll solutions. It’s a very different world with the focus on low volumes and higher margins and delivering a bespoke service unique to every contractor. Working for a Group which can deliver UK and International solutions means that are very few agencies’ needs that we cannot now service.


Still early days in my new role but I am certainly getting everything I hoped for from my move, and I hope I am delivering for IF and their clients!


If you’d like to contact me about our UK or International solutions, you can connect to me via LinkedIn here or contact me on 07738630867.