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IF Workforce Solutions are a market leader in providing international payroll and immigration infrastructure for a contingent workforce. We work alongside Managed Service Providers to act as your compliance advisor.

Our alliance is designed to protect your existing client relationships by managing the workforce, mitigating the risk of financial penalty for unfulfilled fiscal responsibilities, allowing you to retain your industry reputation.

Responsibility on Your Shoulders

Responsible for a large proportion of your clients Statement of Work, your clients’ faith in you could not be higher. You have invested in your client relationship and they trust you, with the help of your preferred recruitment agency partners, to provide and manage the lifecycle of their global contingent workforce.

Significant labour costs, however, carry with them an associated risk of noncompliance within the workforce. Managing these risks is essential to protecting your long-term client relationship. Compliance is not your remit but your industry reputation is at stake.

Our Solution

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Payroll Solutions

We provide the immigration and payroll infrastructure creating a time efficient ‘soft landing’ for any country you are entering. IF Workforce Solutions manages the in-country payroll on your behalf, including all tax and social security deductions.
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Employer of Record

We become the Employer of Record, through our local ‘umbrella’ company. In doing so, we will assume the legal responsibility and administration for employment of staff in the host country.
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Work Permits

As the employer, IF Workforce Solutions sponsors work visas (if required) for the employees, facilitating rapid entry into the host country and reducing your initial investment costs.
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HR Support

We provide HR Support to ensure workers are registered with all relevant authorities.
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Local Compliance

IF Workforce Solutions will provide employment contracts that are fully compliant with in-country employment regulations.
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Mitigate Risk

By managing the contingent workforce, we mitigate the risk of financial penalty from unfulfilled fiscal responsibility within the host country.

How It Works

IF Workforce Solutions will invoice your client in advance of the payroll date with the total cost of employees (including employers statutory costs) plus a management fee. Staff receive their net salary, together with their payslip, direct from IF Workforce Solutions. Tax and social security contributions, deducted at source, are the responsibility of IF Workforce Solutions and paid to the local authority by us. Your client remains in control of the day to day management of its employees.

What Our Clients Think

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