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Brexit – How Will It Impact Cross-border Engagement Structures?

For more than 9 months it seems Brexit has been one of the first things to be discussed at meetings with everyone wanting information on how this will affect them, their business and their lifestyle. Over the next two years it...

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The latest from our new Ireland office

Dear Network……… I have given many talks and lectures where I have spoken of the absolute need to have a broad and active network.  I have always described a good network as potentially hundreds of people looking out for your best...

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Balearic Battle 2016

2016 saw agencies compete in the ‘Balearic Battle’ to win a luxury all expenses paid August bank holiday weekend in Ibiza. The competition took place in June and July and invited agencies to sign up overseas contractors with IF Contracting for...

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IF Contracting – The contractor management company with big ambitions

Placing contractors abroad can be incredibly complicated and burdensome for companies, recruitment firms, and for the contractors themselves. There are a myriad of risks associated with ensuring compliance with domestic and foreign legislation, ensuring prompt payment of invoices and wages, and…

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Has Your Contractor Created A Permanent Establishment With Their Limited Company?

In the cross border contingent workforce arena it is not uncommon for a worker to be engaged on a project through their Personal Services Company (PSC), also known as their limited company. However, the risks associated with this approach, all of which are open to everyone in the contract chain… understood or otherwise overlooked. Having rattled around in this industry for over 14 years and hearing all manner of excuses as to why a contractor ‘must’ operate this way, I thought it was time to put my opinions into a blog…

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