We work with recruiters who place contractors outside of the UK. Our payroll and immigration solutions help protect your client relationship and your industry reputation, so you are able to focus on placing the best candidates effectively and efficiently.

More and more recruiters and international staffing agencies are choosing IF Contracting as their preferred partner for workforce compliance.

The International Compliance Burden

Placing contractors and other candidates in international positions is linked to certain issues that could impact on the reputation of your recruitment or staffing agency. Should a contractor, be it unknowingly, not pay the correct amount of tax or engage in non-compliant activity, this would leave your company exposed.

If the contractor leaves the host country having not fulfilled their fiscal responsibilities, the host country would look to your client for recompense. Aware of this potential risk, it is frequent for enterprise clients to write into your contract that, should this situation arise, the recruitment agency would be at fault.

Aside from the payroll risk, there are other issues that govern the efficiency of placing a contractor on an overseas project. Each country’s immigration requirements will be bespoke to their laws, requiring sponsored work permits plus registration with the relevant authorities. This process requires local knowledge, infrastructure and, without a recognised entity within the host country, can be time-consuming.

How we can help

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Payroll Solutions

We have formed strong partnerships with International Staffing Agencies to facilitate the placement of overseas contractors, delivering payroll solutions that manage all aspects of the workforce compliance. Our purpose is to shoulder the burden of the payroll lifecycle so that you can focus on placing candidates effectively and efficiently with the peace of mind that they will see the project through to its natural conclusion.
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Legal Solutions

IF Contracting manages the temporary workforce by ensuring that contractors are correctly registered, are legally entitled to work in the host country and pay tax and social security correctly and on time. By ensuring that contractors fulfil their liabilities, IF Contracting avoids any issues that arise out of non-compliant activity. IF Contracting is committed to protecting staffing agencies from any negative backlash.
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Efficiency Solutions

Our service provides immediate mobilisation of EEA nationals. This enables you to place workers immediately in vacant international positions. This means that your contractor can accept your role today and start as early as tomorrow.

Recruiter FAQs

Frequently asked questions by recruiters who are placing candidates abroad.

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Our Unique Guarantee

At IF Contracting, we offer a unique guarantee on the rate of return to your contractors - ensuring that no contractor will ever have to pay more tax or social security than originally quoted. In the highly unlikely event that we get their original quote wrong, IF Contracting will settle the shortfall directly. By eliminating the risk of any unexpected fines or penalties, IF Contracting help protect your client relationship and reputation.

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