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The Future Looks Very Bright for IF Payroll

The Future Looks Very Bright for IF Payroll


IF Workforce Group are delighted to announce the launch of IF Payroll in the UK. Already successfully deployed across Europe, IF Workforce Group has a track record of helping contractors to protect their income, whilst managing their tax liabilities. As one of the few agencies working across the entirety of the contractor supply chain, IF Workforce Group have assimilated extensive knowledge and global expertise in tax efficiencies within the contractor sector, making them well positioned to enter the UK market and offer the same support to UK contractors, agencies and enterprise clients.


Despite the fact that we are only in our first month of operation, IF Payroll has already been processing our first payments with referrals and enquiries coming in at a rate far beyond our initial expectations.  I expected a pipeline of meetings and requests for quotations from existing clients keen, or at least willing, to hear what we were offering in the UK Payroll space after many years helping them with their international requirements but the scale of interest and actual referrals has been an eye-opener.


We took the decision to enter the UK Payroll market based on the recent and well publicised IR35 issues in the Public Sector and the firm belief in the industry that the Private Sector is sure to follow.  This ‘mainstream’ effect is driving large and small clients and agencies to review the compliance and legitimacy of their supply chain and many of the current ‘umbrella’ providers are coming up short.  IF Workforce Group, in creating IF Payroll strongly believes that regulation is the way forward; in the absence of regulation then a recognised accreditation is the current best solution and we are aligning ourselves with the FCSA.  We are operating to their standards and will be seeking our formal accreditation (via independent 3rd party audit) as soon as possible.


Our client facing sales Business Dev team of Tawnee Sills and Jade Clarke-Earnscliffe are both experienced in the UK Payroll market but are still pleasantly surprised by the reception they’ve been getting to the launch of our solution.  We have learned three valuable things in the last few weeks;


Our clients and prospects value our existing brand and reputation (couple with confidence in the FCSA process). Agencies are very alive to the significantly increased financial exposure posed by HMRC’s stringent implementation of IR35. The game is up for cowboy umbrella providers as agencies and end-clients recognise the need for fairness, transparency, compliance and first class service.


The penny has dropped in relation to that last point and people are realising that that kind of service cannot be maintained by the kind of fees that we’re being charged at the bottom end of the market.


We’ve been asked to quote for substantial numbers of contractors at a range of salary levels and across a wide array of industry sectors from the beginning as agencies are keen to move to demonstrably transparent solution, at a fair price to the worker.  We don’t expect to have everything our own way of course as there are a number of established and accredited providers in the market however without a doubt there are scores, if not hundreds, of umbrella providers who will be losing their customer base over the coming weeks and months and we have already seen that we can and will benefit from that trend.  We expect our transition from tens to hundreds of contractors and then into the four-figure sums to be very rapid indeed and we look forward to serving this market with distinction for years to come.


If you are interested in finding out more about IF Payroll please click here. or call us today on: +44 (0)203 131 8988

Ray WalkerFounder and
Managing Director