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The IF Workforce Group

With the introduction of our new Ireland office, we’re delighted to announce our new Umbrella company The IF Workforce Group.

The IF Workforce group is the umbrella company consisting of the two factions of the business: IF Workforce Solutions and IF Contracting. This new organisation structure allows us to provide better services to our existing customers and also allows us to provide a host of new services to clients around the globe.


Below is a breakdown of how The IF Workforce Group will operate.


If Contracting

IF Contracting forms the part of the group that of works directly with recruiters and Contractors. We provide global tax and payroll services, guaranteeing compliance for both the freelance contractor and the employer.

IF Contracting also works with recruiters who place contractors outside of the UK. Our payroll and immigration solutions help protect client relationships and industry reputation.


If Workforce Solutions

The other half that makes up The IF Workforce Group is IF Workforce Solutions. IF Workforce Solutions is the new entity of the business which is set up to work with Global Corporates, working with Enterprise Clients, Venture Capitalists and Managed Service Providers.

IF Workforce Solutions is a risk mitigation service provider, targeting companies with an international contractor workforce. Our cross-border knowledge and our interim employment strategies can help clients of all sizes begin new projects with none, or very little, initial time and financial investment, decreasing the time required to witness a return on investment.

Ray WalkerFounder and
Managing Director