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The latest from our new Ireland office

Dear Network………

I have given many talks and lectures where I have spoken of the absolute need to have a broad and active network.  I have always described a good network as potentially hundreds of people looking out for your best interests, be they personal or professional.

Furthermore, I have repeatedly made the point that is not good enough just to have a network, you must work for it, and ask it to work for you!  So, as I embark on a new career, I think it’s time for me to put my own advice into practice!

“Never ask for anything”, I’ve always said. Just tell people things and let them connect the dots themselves if they subsequently hear of an opportunity or lead that they think might be of interest to you, just as you would for them. Well I would certainly go in to bat for anyone in my network if I came across a piece of interesting information, so here goes…..

After five and a half wonderful years (I must do a blog about that actually), at Hays Recruitment I have started an interesting new career with the IF Workforce Group – you can see my fancy new title on LinkedIn.  This is my first time working for an SME, it’s a very different vibe for me, very interesting. It’s a funny feeling to walk into a room in London with eight people in it and realise you are addressing the entire company! A relatively small company but a successful one nonetheless, over the last three years they have created a compelling proposition for international contractors and suppliers working in this sector.

Additionally, they are an ambitious company, looking at international growth with Dublin selected as the first location to branch out under their ‘Workforce Solutions’ brand.  It’s great that they chose Ireland, it’s yet another vote of confidence in our buoyant economy, our position in Europe and our ability to attract FDI and companies focused on international growth. I am very flattered that they have entrusted their growth plans in me and I hope I can repay their faith in both our market and in myself.

So, what do we do? – Well, we call ourselves a risk mitigation service provider, targeting companies with an international contractor workforce or the individual contractor themselves.  We provide global tax and payroll services, guaranteeing compliance for both the freelance contractor and the ‘ultimate’ employer. Tax receipts are under an ever increasing level of attention as revenue departments around the world focus on worker misclassification along with the subsequent tax burden among the contractor population.  Whilst there might be a contractual barrier between an employer and the independent contractor, there is clear evidence that the revenue authorities expect the end user will ensure legal and fiscal compliance right through their supply chain.

In Ireland I’ll be reaching out to employers of all sizes who have, or plan to engage a workforce across various locations. Our cross-border knowledge and our interim employment strategies can help clients of all sizes begin new projects with none, or very little, initial time and financial investment, decreasing the time required to witness a return on investment. We can help with workforce planning and compliance whether they want to employ the workers directly, want us to employ them or use a service provider to engage the worker on a contract for service.

Whichever option is chosen, the client will be provided with a compliance firewall. Likewise, we can be of service to the contractors themselves if they pick up a lucrative gig abroad but are unsure about local taxation and payroll, or any intermediaries (agencies or consultancies) who place contractors abroad.

Given Ireland’s pre-eminent position in attracting HPSUs and companies using Ireland as a base for EMEA operations, I am confident that we can be of service now and in the future – I just need them to know about me and IF, and vice-versa.

That’s where my network comes in, and now you know, so work network, work, or at the very least, share!

Richie SmithRegional Director